Pak Sham

Prof. Pak Chung Sham

Chair Professor in Psychiatric Genomics

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Clara Tang

Dr. Clara Tang

Assistant Professor

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Complex Diseases and Traits

  • We develop and apply statistical methods to investigate complex traits such as diabetes, schizophrenia and others.
  • We have devised novel tests to increase statistical power of large scale genome wide association studies, and developed new methods to estimate polygenic risk scores, and heritabilities of various traits.
  • We have applied these methods to uncover new associated genetic variants and to improve our understanding of a variety of phenotypes.

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Rare Diseases

  • We deploy whole exome and whole genome sequencing to improve out understanding of rare diseases and uncover diseases-causing mutations.
  • Particularly we are interested in congenital disorders specific to, or with a higher incidence rate within the Asian population.
  • In addition, we have developed new bioinformatic and statistical tools to improve our understanding of the genetic architecture of a variety of rare diseases.

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Gene Expression

  • We are interested in expression profiles in diseases like disc degeneration, kidney disease, and and their differences from normal samples.
  • In addition we are also inferring the regulation of gene expressions with the knowledge of functional genomics.
  • Relative tools on gene expression normalization and analyzation, and methods on gene regulatory network inference are developed.